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Dominic Greensmith - Exhibition of Photographs

At the Chapel, Bruton - Starts 15 September 2012

Photographer Dominic Greensmith depicts images of local quarries (www.dominicgreensmithphotos.com).

'You would think that living where we do, we would be a million miles from big industry. Well, whilst looking on google earth one day, I realized not. We are surrounded by giantscars in the earth, created by huge explosions and massive machinery. 100,000 tons of earth being brought to the ground at the press of a button. I wanted to see and photograph this hidden world that few get to see or even realize is there.'

Venue contact details

Website : At the Chapel Bruton

Phone : 01749 814070

Email: mail@atthechapel.co.uk

At the Chapel
High Street
BA10 0AE